Sanding and Sealing Of Driveways In Herts, Beds and Bucks.


After your driveway has been deep cleaned, we offer a re-sanding process. This is an additional cost and service on top of the clean. Paving sand is swept into the crevices in your driveway this holds the paving stones in place, so when cars or pressure is put on the driveway there will be no movement and no sinking.

An additional service we offer after we have sanded the driveway is re-sealing, this benefits your driveway because not only does it look elegant and stylish, but it also protects and secures your driveway from any damages, stains that can alter its appearance. Your driveway would be protected against all seasons. Also, we can leave it with a matte or silk finish.
A driveway in Bedfordshire being Sealed and Sanded